Serving our students


Legal support for Creatives, Artists, and Innovators.


Glacial Ridge Transitional Skills Program

Glacial Ridge is designed to help support students 7th-12th grade achieve independence to the greatest extent possible. Students are provided with individualized instruction to support functional/transitional skills deficits via a program based setting. Glacial Ridge staff work collaboratively with other agencies to ensure resources are available to support individual needs after graduation.

Early Childhood Special Education

Lake Agassiz provides support to all children across the Cooperative from birth to Kindergarten that show a need for specialized services. Services are broken into two main categories Part C (Birth - 2.11) and Part B (3.0-Kindergarten). The primary focus of Part C is to support the child's family within the natural environment. Part B includes special education and related services appropriate to meet the educational needs of a child in the general education environment to the greatest possible extent. 

Intensive Interagency Program

The Intensive Interagency Program was developed by Lake Agassiz to help support students struggling with emotional regulation and/or behavioral concerns. This program is offered to students from Kindergarten through 12th grade with the amount of provided service based upon student need documented in their IEP.